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Useful Tips For Easy Weight Reduction

Holiday season brought a new destination in the U.S. – spa centers offering treatments for obesity. The best of them reveal little tricks to facilitate weight reduction. One of the tips provided by 17 Day Diet Recipes and Linda Lingvort, director of the spa center of San Diego, is to make your list of problems or plan that will rank the problems related to your diet.

“Once a week read the list to enter the changes and see success. When you spend 4-6 weeks, you realize that you’ve solved many problems “– explains Lingvort.

“For me the real surprise will come when people have no idea how obese they become in one year” – said Dr. Ronald Sha. According to him, the weight should be measured at least once a week.

“If you were starving one day and you spend hours practicing in the gym, it does not mean you will instantly get weakened. It can happen quite the opposite “– he warns.

It is very important in the diet to relax, but not too much, advice from the Health Institute of California Health and Longevity Institute.

Useful Tips For Easy Weight Reduction

Useful Tips For Easy Weight Reduction

“Many women do not exaggerate eating, but still are gaining fat. Often our clients are going to watch on the diet and meals, and then are overwhelming themselves with eating large amounts of sweet things that have more than 2000 calories and thus destroy the whole work “– says Polet Lambert, the main nutritionist in this institute.

She warns that people often do not take into account how many calories through beverages imported because they pay attention to the fluid that entered the body. This creates particular problems in the summer, when people bring drinks, cold coffee and the like. One of the biggest problems during any plan to lose weight is quitting. It is therefore very important to be motivated.

“Whether it is for Anniversary of graduation, wedding or birthday, such events are always a good source of motivation” – says Jessica Lynn, director of development for health program in Hilton Head Institute.

“When we finally face hammers date, we can give relief, but it is very important to immediately give new motivation to not give up too quickly” – said Lin.

“People want to deal with Pilates and yoga, which is great, but I must say that it is not the best solution when it comes to losing calories. If you really want to get weakened, it is necessary to enter and cardio exercises in your training “– says Andrew Wolf, a psychologist – coach Miraval. According to him, is not wrong if after workout consumed food.

“There is no magic food, or any accessory that will miraculously melt your pounds” – says Gail Kenfild, chief nutritionist at Pritikin Longevity Center and Spa. According to her, you need to bring any food rich in fiber, like fruits and vegetables.

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